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Jim Delfino

New York, NY
  • Jim Delfino in the photo 1

My story may sound familiar to many of you: I reached out to Dr. Metzl following futile attempts to correct a nagging injury. The injury that brought me to Dr. Metzl was rip-roaring ITBS in my left knee. I was treating this savage for 7 months before I walked through his doors. In those seven months I received 2 cortisone shots and exhausted two full rounds of PT. By then I had already missed one marathon (New York) and was poised to miss another (Paris). Dr. Metzl gave me a thorough once over and asked me how dedicated I was to PT. I clearly wasn't since it wasn't getting me anywhere so he put me on a strict regiment of his Iron Strength Workout and told me to return in a month.

Though still not running I could feel the effects of the workout almost immediately. When I returned to his office we developed a plan to get me back on the road, However, when I started I still felt pain so I returned to his office to review. It was then that he discovered what continued to upset my progress- I also had a torn quad tendon in the left knee. This attention to the patient is what sets him apart-I wasn't being dismissed as another over-use warrior who may just need to hang up the Mizunos. We did a PRP shot and I missed Paris, but I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

Having started this journey in January I was back to running by May. Already I was a stronger, more stable runner. I returned to the NYC marathon and just this past weekend PR'd and BQ'd at the New Jersey marathon. My story is of the "blessing in disguise" variety. I am a better runner and one built to last! Thanks Doc!