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Jim Casey

Ho Ho Kus, NJ

Hi, my name is Jim. My story started in 2002. When I exercised or skied, I began experiencing pain in my right hip. It got to a point where it was difficult to maintain the level of activity I was used to. I went to a surgeon in New Jersey and he didn’t hesitate with his diagnosis – a hip replacement was necessary. Of course, my first question was what I could do after the hip replacement in terms of sports. He asked what I wanted to do and I told him I wanted to be able to continue skiing. He then informed that would be no longer possible. I then asked him if I could play tennis. He said that it would not be recommended. I asked what I would be able to do and he replied play golf or ride a bike. Feeling quite dejected when I left his office, I decided that I would ski hard for one last year and then hang up the skis. During that year and suffering through the pain, someone recommended that I take some Synvisc shots. While the Synvisc shots gave me very little relief, they exposed me to Hospital for Special Surgery and more importantly to Dr. Thomas Sculco. When I visited Dr, Sculco, he had the same diagnosis as the first doc I visited. The only difference was when we discussed what I would be able to do after the surgery, without hesitation, Dr. Sculco replied, he would have me skiing in twelve weeks. I had the surgery in November of 2002, did all the required PT and twelve weeks to the day, I was back skiing.

Chapter Two

About two years later, my left hip started bothering me. This time, I immediately went back to Dr. Sculco, where he informed me that I was in need of another hip replacement. I had that surgery in January 2005. After this surgery, I was back at the gym in no time and back on track for the 2005/2006 ski season.

Chapter Three

Everything was going great, but in early 2006, I began to feel pain in my left knee. I went back to Dr. Sculco and he informed that my left knee needed to be replaced. In May of that year, I had the surgery. Another benefit to having my knee replaced was having been bowlegged for a long time, the surgery straightened me out and I actually grew a half inch. At 67, I was still growing. Once again, I was back in PT and a very aggressive program in the gym. I was on skis that winter with zero loss of mobility.

Chapter Four

Come May of 2012, once again Dr. Sculco had to do his magic on my right knee - which to no surprise, needed to be replaced. Maintaining the same formula of PT and hard work in the gym, I resumed skiing that winter.

To date, I have full mobility, zero pain and feel stronger than ever! I am skiing the best I ever have and this season have logged in 25 days! I never miss my daily workouts which include: lifting, spinning, and TRX. I do play golf and occasionally walk the eighteen holes without experiencing any discomfort.

My experience with HSS has been nothing short of remarkable. The doctors, nurses and the pain management program staff are the best at what they do. I have since become an outspoken advocate of the hospital, volunteering with the outpatient physical therapy department. Most importantly, I have introduced twenty five people to HSS, where they too have had successful surgeries.