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Jeyse Osorto

Wyandanch, NY
  • Jeyse Osorto in the photo 1
  • Jeyse Osorto in the photo 2

After suffering a severe right knee injury, which included three ligaments tears plus a meniscus tear, there was doubt that I’d ever meaningfully step on the field again. When I found out about HSS, I believed that HSS would offer me the best chance to return to play. After my consultation appointment with Dr. Gregory DiFelice, in which he explained his method of ACL surgery which would only require a repair of the ligament rather than total reconstruction, my beliefs that HSS and DiFelice getting me back to the field were only solidified. Fast forward 10 months after my surgery, I was able to return to the sport I love; truly remarkable and it couldn’t have been done quicker and safer without Dr. DeFelice and all the HSS staff.