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Jessye Chevere

Brooklyn, NY

Hi my name is Jessye and I had double knee replacement. I started with my left knee as I had an accident at work and banged it up pretty badly. On top of having rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, it didn't help with all the other treatments I tried before finally admitting that I had to get it replaced. At 48 years old it was pretty hard to take that this was what I had to do as I am a very active person.

Because I took so long in making the decision (2 years, don't yell at me!), I overcompensated with my right knee and made that one worse. when I turned 50 this year I had that one replaced about 3 months ago.

It was the best decision I could have made. Dr. DiFelice and his staff were amazing and so was everyone I encountered at HSS. I can now walk my dog Padfoot, walk over the bridge, which I do every day to get to work and take care of my mom, who is in a wheelchair, and dad.

Having to push my mom in a wheelchair, go to work every day, climb stairs and run errands for my parents as well as my love for traveling was the other incentive to getting the replacements or I would not have been able to move let alone be healthy. I am losing the weight I wasn't as active because of the pain I was in and will continue to lose it so my knees will remain healthy.

I feel like a brand new person now and am grateful to everyone who helped in the surgical process and helped me recuperate.

God Bless!