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Jessy Lynn Grossman

New York, NY
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On November 21st I was riding my Vespa home on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and unfortunately, I was in a really bad accident. I sustained a head injury, a broken nose, my knee was covered in lacerations, and I broke my wrist. In the emergency room when all of this was being diagnosed it was quite intimidating and scary. In that moment and the days to follow, I felt like my injuries were pretty severe and kept thinking to myself, "What did I do!? Am I ever going to feel like myself again? Walk the same way? Use my wrist for all the activities I was used to?" It was not a fun place to be.

The first doctor I saw post-ER visit was Dr. Ameya Save. He would be the orthopedic surgeon who would fix my wrist. We met virtually the first time and he walked my husband and I through my wrist breaks and the benefits of treatment. We met a few days later and determined that surgery would be the right course of action. And a week after my accident the surgery was completed and it went very well. It felt fast and efficient and Dr. Save provided a tremendous amount of care the entire time. And, I have to tell you, the surgery relieved me from a lot of pain in my wrist. A few weeks later, after a few follow-ups, I was fitted for a removable cast and I began hand therapy.

This was a two-month process, but I'm happy to report that as much as I thought my wrist would never be the same it certainly feels like normal again now. I saw several doctors for my other injuries that were treated with a combination of physical therapy and rest. It's been 4 months since this ordeal, and I'm definitely feeling back to myself. And besides the fact that I've got a few new scars, I know that it's going to be ok, and all things considered, the recovery felt so fast.

A year ago my husband and I had rescheduled our honeymoon, which had been delayed due to the pandemic. I was so scared that my accident might postpone this again for us. But I had a lot of support from my friends, family, work, Laura (my hand therapist), and most certainly Dr. Save's encouragement throughout. Because of all of this we were able to take our two-week trip to the Maldives. it was the trip of our dreams and I was even playing tennis with my wrist! The recovery process took about a month and a half. It probably would have been less without all of my other injuries.

When I had my last follow-up with Dr. Save we both felt really proud of my progress. I'd worked really hard inside and outside of therapy to bring my wrist back to its previous shape. Pre-accident my wrists had some intense floppiness to them (think Alexis from Schitt's Creek). We didn't know that I would get back to full flop, but we were happy to joke and celebrate that I was back to 100% flop!