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Jessica Szemjonov

Rego Park, NY
  • Jessica Szemjonov in the photo 1

I have had back problems for 25 years, but about 2 years ago, it was so severe that I could barely walk. I was missing work or working from home, taking way too many medications just so I could deal with life. It was certainly no way to live. I went to see Dr. Castellano, a physiatrist at HSS. He took his time with me and explained all of my options and was very thorough. Since I was terrified about the option of back surgery, I opted to try the spinal steroid injections. After the third round of them failing to help me for any length of time, the next step was the dreaded back surgery. He referred me to Dr. Kim who made me feel very at ease. He had the confidence, skills and bedside manner you want in a surgeon. The next thing I knew I was scheduled to have a partial discectomy and a laminectomy. I walked out of the hospital 2 days later, 6 weeks later I was in PT and back at work and 6 months later I was on a plane to Antwerp and Budapest, something I would never have been able to do without surgery. The entire staff at HSS is truly amazing!! I'm one year post op now and I wonder what made me wait so long to have surgery, I finally have a normal life again. Thank you!