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Jessica Nicoleson

East Hampton, NY

My name is Jessica and I suffered an injury causing a disc herniation of my L5-S1. With no prior injuries or major complaints, I knew within minutes of my twist something serious had happened. Within weeks, my pain became unbearable and over months my nights agonizing. During this time I sought chiropractic care and physical therapy while exhausting a multitude of medications in between with no lasting relief. During this same time a colleague at work noticed the distress in my walk and felt compelled to share her sisters injury and experience with Dr. Sandhu. More could not have been said about the comfort, patience, and professionalism of Dr. Sandhu not to mention the success of her sister’s surgery. After my third failed lumbar injection, I scheduled a consultation and within minutes of meeting Dr. Sandhu, it was evident that I was in the right hands. Dr. Sandhu is what you would call a patient’s doctor; pleasant, professional and I am thankful for his talent. As far as the success of my surgery, the excruciating pain down my left leg amazingly diminished on the first day post surgery. I resumed work within several months following physical therapy and normal activities not long thereafter. I am thankful to Dr. Sandhu, his staff and the folks at HSS for the talent, support and care I received. Without any doubt Dr. Sandhu is a “Top Surgeon” in a world class hospital.