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Jessica Heyer

Princeton, NJ
  • Jessica Heyer in the photo 1

After 7 years of not knowing why my hip was hurting, I came to HSS and immediately, Dr. Sink figured out what was wrong and suggested the PAO surgery. I was 18 at the time, in the pediatric unit. The hospital was absolutely fantastic and organized, and everyone made me feel safe and comfortable. I don't remember much after the surgery, except insisting that I didn't need the NC oxygen thing because "I could breathe fine on my own." After spending nearly 18 hours in the recovery room due to issues with the epidural (not their fault), I was moved to my room. The nurses were incredibly helpful and kind, and Dr. Sink visited me to check how it was going. The physical therapists were understanding and very motivational and I managed to leave the hospital sooner than we had all hoped. As far as surgeries go, HSS was the best I could have hoped for. I just had my 3 month checkup, and I'm already able to do light hiking and jogging, which Dr. Sink said made his day. I feel so much better.