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Jessica Galland

New York, NY
  • Jessica Galland in the photo 1
  • Jessica Galland in the photo 2

On March 4, 2020, I was working at a co-working space, when some signage that was not affixed slipped from a table on the mezzanine floor, fell approximately 8 feet, and landed on my head. I tried to walk off the injury. I picked up my 18-month-old daughter from daycare and made her dinner, but I soon became disoriented, and my head started to throb. By the time my husband convinced me to go to the ER, I could not remember how old I was, or what my daughter had just eaten for dinner. Still, the ER doctor told me that I was fine, that I did not require a CT scan, and that I should go home and feel free to get back to work in the morning. 

I attempted to log on the next morning and experienced double-vision, headaches, and brain fog almost as soon as I looked at the screen. I am an executive producer of audiobooks and podcasts: my livelihood depends on my ability to read scripts and review rough audio. I quickly became afraid. If I was fine, why couldn't I do my job? Thankfully, I knew a neurologist personally, whom I was able to contact for a second opinion and who referred me to Dr. Shetty at HSS. 

Dr. Shetty immediately took my injury and symptoms seriously. She ordered the scans the ER doctor denied, asked tons of questions, and physically examined me, before putting me on a 10-day strict cognitive rest. This meant no screens, no reading, no listening to podcasts or audiobooks, no game-playing, and only low-intensity exercise for very short periods of time. It was challenging, and required a leave of absence from work, but once it was completed, my symptoms subsided significantly. I continued to limit screen time and cognitive activity and worked with Dr. Shetty's team — a vestibular therapist and a personal trainer — to continue healing from the head trauma. I had weekly check-ins with Dr. Shetty until I was symptom-free for at least 2 weeks. At which point, she was able to discharge me, and I was able to get back to life. 

I have since read up on concussions — how, if left untreated, as many are, the symptoms can become chronic. Had I not been referred to Dr. Shetty and HSS, I might have needlessly suffered. I am so grateful to Dr. Shetty and team for their 360-view and treatment plan, which got me back on track in a matter of months.