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Jessica Frith

Brooklyn, NY
  • Jessica Frith in the photo 1

I am an Employee at HSS so it wasn't hard for me to choose this facility for treatment after having a traumatic fall due to a dog attack in March of 2015. I suffered a concussion, several bulging discs in my neck, and a small disc tear in my lower back causing pain when sitting, standing, walking etc. After completing several MRI and CT scans I went to see Dr. Valdimir Kramskiy per the recommendation of a fellow employee. The moment I called his office to schedule the appointment I know he was the right doctor for me. On the day of my visit Dr. Kramskiy made me feel like i was important and that my pain mattered. He went through my scans and explained in great detail exactly where the source of my pain stemmed from. He was very knowledgeable and PATIENT with me and I can not thank him enough. He got me on a treatment plan which included non-narcotic pain medication, physical therapy with Jessica Hettler in sports, as well as trigger point injections for my neck and epidural injection for my lumbar spine. Because of his treatment plan I am able to do my job effectively. Once I began therapy, Jessica Hettler suspected that I might be suffering from a concussion and immediately referred me to Dr. Teena Shetty for an evaluation. After seeing Dr. Shetty she confirmed that I was suffering from a post concussion syndrome and referred me for further evaluation and treatment in the concussion clinic. I am 9 months post the fall and starting to feel like myself again. Thanks to this amazing team of physicians and clinicians i am "GETTING BACK IN THE GAME."