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Jesse Gottlieb

New York, NY
  • Jesse Gottlieb in the photo 1

I suffered for 15 years after having stenosis surgery which made my back condition worse. I had all pain reduction procedures for years: physical therapy, injections, radio frequency and continued getting much worse. I met with many surgeons and was told that my condition could not be corrected with any great percentage. I finally met Dr Han Jo Kim who immediately exuded major confidence and made me feel that I was in extremely capable hands. He proceeded to explain to me what he would do and clearly showed me other patients he had helped with similar or even worse conditions. He stated that my procedure would take 7-8 hours and that I would be helped. It is exactly one year ago today that Dr. Kim performed my back surgery and put in 3 rods and 36 screws and removed one vertebrae and made my back straight, I carry my x-ray with me to show everyone I meet what was done to me. I was bending over more and more with major pain. I could not put on my own shirt or tie or tie my shoes, and now I am upright and gained 2 1/2 inches in height. I lost 60% of my blood during the surgery and the recovery was very painful, but everything Dr Kim said would happen has come true. The timeline for my recovery was exactly as he stated. He has golden hands and the best bedside manner. I have referred everyone I know to Dr Kim and I know that since my surgery he has helped many of my friends. In addition, I have asked him to give my name and phone number to any patient who has any doubts that his skilled techniques can work. In my mind he is at the top of his game and deserves to be applauded for his skills. He gave me back my life which without his capable hands I would not be able to function. I work full time at 75 years old and enjoy everyday because of him. The care I received at HSS and the devotion to patients was also a major help to my getting well and I thank everyone.