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Jerry Celestin

Brooklyn, NY
  • Gait/Balance Disorder
  • Jerry Celestin in the photo 1

This is my story and my soul. Due to osteomyelitis, I had a gait disorder and a bowed leg in my early childhood and the healing process took around three to four years. As I am getting older gradually, I become more limited to my daily activities. I questioned whether I'd ever feel normal again. It was quietly something I've been dealing with over thirty years. In 2011, I found myself working at HSS as a Surgical Tech. While I'm working in the Operating Room there was one service that strike me the most: the Limb Lengthening Services. I was fascinated with the amazing procedure they have done through different patients. In April 2013 I've seen Dr. Fragomen and he showed me the utmost care and expertise, explaining what was wrong with my gait and my bowed leg and action plan. It happened to be two parts of the procedure, the first one was to applied an external fixative device to correct my left bowed leg and the second part is to inserted a precise intramedullary nail to correct my gait balance disorder. To be honest all of these procedure are come with intense pain, but it was my turning point to have something done right at that time with the right surgeon, the right team and in the right place. Thank you for giving me my lifestyle back, pain free. All I can say is "All is good and God is good all the time."