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Jennifer Zahn

Saranac Lake, NY
  • Jennifer Zahn in the photo 1

I went to Dr. Magid for an evaluation of hip/knee pain. He discovered that there was nothing wrong with the knees, but there was a total loss of cartilage in the hip joint, and a small fracture of the hip bone. He referred me to Dr. Della Valle for hip replacement. I then discovered that Dr. Della Valle was one of the top surgeons at HSS. At my first evaluation, he emphasized how important it was that my muscle tone and physical health was paramount in order to have a successful surgery. I went to a pre-surgical meeting on how to go through the surgery and recovery. Dr. D-V performed a hip replacement surgery, with no complications. He was pleasant, professional, explained everything in detail, and made sure I was doing everything I was supposed to do so there would be no problems. I am five years out now. I walk, hike, ride a bike, go to the gym...and have no pain. I have recommended HSS and Dr. Della Valle to everyone who has mentioned that they need hip replacement.