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Jennifer RF

Bronx, NY
  • Jennifer RF in the photo 1

I've always been healthy, so when I started having severely sharp chest pains I knew something was up. I went to the hospital (first at Allen Pavilion), and was thoroughly tested and was told that my heart was fine. This was in May 2014, three weeks into August the chest pains were so overwhelming I wrote goodbyes to each member of my family (for I had already exhausted the hospital tests and got a clean bill of health so what more could they do for me). Therefore, I sat by my windowsill waiting to die - for I could not lie down, only sit up and bending forward in order to painfully take a shallow slight breath.

Then on September 1, a voice from the Lord said to me -- Go to the hospital now. I listened and went, this time to Weill Cornell on York Ave. At the ER they told me I had Pericarditis and Pleural Effusion with enough fluid to possibly stop my heart. I was admitted and was thereafter told that they could not remove the fluid, so after 5 days I was sent home still unable to breath without pain, but with an appointment to Rheumatology.

In October 2014, I kept my appointment and that's when I met Dr. Kyriakos Kirou.

My life changed from that moment on. Dr. Kirou examined me, asked me some questions and immediately knew what was wrong. He had me readmitted to the hospital with instructions for the doctors. They followed suit and started me on the medication he prescribed, which immediately made a difference. For now I was being treated form my diagnosis. The pericarditis and Pleural Effusion was on account of my Lupus, which until then I didn't know I had. Dr. Kirou followed up with my care at the hospital and even explained my case to the doctors and interns, student on my round- to their gratitude as they too benefited from his expertise and was sure to tell me after he left that I was lucky to be in the care of one of the best Rheumatologists in the country, if not the world. To this I say YES- and thank you Lord. Being under Dr. Kirou's care is amazing and the best medical care I've ever had.

I'm not out of the woods yet, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And most importantly - I'm not waiting to die-- I'm living one precious breath at a time. So thank you Dr. Kirou, for your patience, kindness and most of all your EXPERT CARE. I am forever grateful. Much thanks to you, your wonderful secretary Lucy and staff for your/their continued service and support.