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Jennifer Langstengel, MD

New Hyde Park, NY
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Since the age of 11 I have had chronic pain in my right knee, hip, and lower back pain. At the age of 25 I was a first year medical student. When out for a run I realized that I could no longer walk. I was soon limping around the gross anatomy lab, and realized that this pain was beyond a normal running pain. At that time I proceeded to see a physical therapist at the urging of my family practice doctor. After my first examination, my physical therapist recommended I see the Center for Hip Preservation at Hospital for Special Surgery. He realized that I had a torn labrum, and was suspicious I had Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip.

I was very stressed and scared. However, from my first phone conversation with Dr. Sink's office. I felt cared about. The office was able to squeeze me in for my first appointment around my busy course load. After discussing all of my imaging tests with me, I was scheduled for surgery 10 days later. Dr. Sink was able to secure me a surgery date so soon, as it was over my spring break, which allowed me to miss less time from my courses, and to stay on track with my schooling. Throughout my hospital stay I was astounded by the competence, compassion, and dignity with which I was treated.

At this point I am now three years post-operative. I completed physical therapy under the same physical therapist who first suspected my diagnosis. I just graduated medical school, and am set to begin my residency. In addition, I ran my first half-marathon this spring. I also have become a hiker and cyclist in my free time. Without HSS I would not have been able to successfully complete my medical training, or be the active person I am now. I just completed my first half marathon, and on my honeymoon I was able to hike, cycle, and scuba dive with my husband. My next accomplishment will be residency, and one day maybe even a full marathon. I'm eternally grateful to HSS for taking care of me in my time of need. I hope to become as compassionate a physician as those who treated me.