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Jennifer Kelman

Garden City, NY
  • Jennifer Kelman in the photo 1

I was very fortunate to have found Dr. Josh Dines after months of living with post-op shoulder pain after I let another orthopedist operate who wasn't affiliated with HSS. Fortunately for me, Dr. Dines read my original surgical report as well as all my previous MRI's. He was never in a rush & his bedside manner is beyond any doctor I have ever met. He has guided me in directions as he would with any of his family members. His staff is friendly, warm & always remembers your name & face. From the time I met Dr. Dines, I knew he was the perfect, understanding and compassionate doctor I was looking for. He truly is an asset to this hospital & I am forever grateful for all his hard work at making my scars small & very unnoticeable! Thank you Dr. Dines for being so wonderful! I couldn't have gone on this emotional, physical and mental journey without you & your staff!