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Jen Langlais

Fairfield, CT

My experience with Dr. Jordan Metzl/HSS has been incredible! Dr. Metzl is truly committed to getting his patients "Back in the Game" and I sincerely appreciate a physician who understands how important it is for an athlete to not just 'sit and wait' for an injury to heal.

My first experience with Dr. Metzl was in 2011. I was training for my first marathon, NYC 2011. Ten weeks before marathon day, my IT Band became so inflamed that I had trouble walking. Unfortunately, I wasted 16 weeks with a local orthopedist who eventually told me he needed to perform knee surgery to fix my IT Band problem. I missed the marathon, and was so disappointed to see all of my training go to waste. Fortunately, I sought a second opinion. Dr. Metzl got me "Back in the Game" within a month by recommending his IronStrength workout to fix the muscle imbalances causing my ITB problem. I was back to running, and geared up for my next marathon. And even better was that I avoided unnecessary knee surgery to correct my problem.

My most recent experience was in 2015. After running the NYC Marathon 2015, I learned that I developed a tear in my Achilles Tendon. Dr. Metzl allowed me to exercise and maintain my core and cardio strength without running. He then performed PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Treatment on my Achilles tear. In 8 short weeks, I'm happy to report that I'm "Back in the Game" and running without pain!! Dr. Metzl's approach to treating the entire kinetic chain, to maintaining conditioning through injury, and the advanced knowledge of HSS helped me get Back in the Game doing what I love!

Thank you, Dr. Jordan Metzl and HSS!!!