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Jen C.

New York, NY
  • Jen C. in the photo 1

I never thought a low impact barre class would result in an ankle injury that required surgery, but I ended up in great hands with HSS.

At the time of the injury, the pain in my right ankle initially seemed like soreness, but the persistent ache didn't let up for months. I tried physical therapy as a conservative way to potentially resolve it, but unfortunately that didn't help. I reluctantly revised my normal exercise routine - eliminated running, spinning, tennis, boxing, HIIT training - since those exercises exacerbated the pain. Ultimately I knew it wasn't sustainable for me to restrict my workouts forever and not be able to do the things I love.

I made an appointment with a foot and ankle surgeon after doing thorough research online and learning that HSS was the best hospital for orthopedic issues. My surgoen's office was incredibly helpful in scheduling my appointment and MRI so I could get a consultation and find out, after months of achy and persistent ankle pain, what the cause was. She fit me into his schedule 2 days after I called (incredible turn-around time). I met my surgeon and he knew immediately what the pain was caused by: peroneal subluxation. He patiently explained what it is and how to fix it with surgery. Though I was timid and worried about rushing into surgery, I truly trusted his recommendation for surgery and his expertise in the field to deliver the best outcome for me.

I had surgery in December 2017, so I'm over 6 months post-op and I feel great. I diligently followed the post-op protocol, including physical therapy 2-3x per week after I became weight-bearing again. Katherine and the staff at JAG PT were also incredibly key to my successful recovery. I am able to do everything I did before the injury and I feel great! I am back to my normal exercise routine without restrictions.

I am so grateful to my doctor and his entire team (Susanne, Rebecca, etc.) and HSS for being top notch and exceeding my expectations every step of the way. Despite my anxiety about surgery, everything on surgery day went smoothly and there were no surprises in the post-op period either. My doctor and his team managed my expectations about the surgery and recovery, and were so responsive and attentive to my questions and concerns throughout the recovery.

Thank you HSS for getting me back on my feet!