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Jeffrey Pullen

Burtonsville, MD
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I have been battling arthritis in both hips for many years. This has limited my mobility and in some cases, I had to use a cane to walk. During this time, I saw many different doctors who gave me differing opinions on what to do, from losing weights to taking medication. Some doctors even stated that I was too young (in my 40s) for such a procedure. One Sunday morning, I was watching a segment on joint-replacements on CBS Sunday Morning, where HSS was mentioned. After the show, I investigated the information and found out that the facility was the #2 ranked facility in the US. After validating that my insurance would cover a visit, I set up an appointment, and was referred to Dr. Nestor. During my 30 minute visit with him, I learned more about hip replacements than I had from my previous doctors. I even consulted one of my former doctors about having the procedure done at HSS and he was very glowing of HSS. He referred to HSS as the NBA All-Stars of joint replacements. So, in 2006, I decided to have both hips done, one at a time. The first one was done 2 weeks before Christmas. Not a great time for surgery, but it was necessary. I stayed at HSS for 5 days and was able to come home 5 days before Christmas. My recovery was great, so great that I wanted to schedule my second replacement, but I was concerned it would interfere with our wedding plans. Dr. Nestor adjusted his surgical schedule so I could have my second surgery in early March so that I could be fully recovered for my May 5, 2007 wedding. The funny story to the second surgery is that Dr. Nestor recommended additional PT therapy in the weeks before the wedding, however, it was not needed. So, on May 5, 2007, I was able to walk down the aisle for my wedding with no limping or joint pain. Many of my friends were shocked to see this as well as to hear that it was roughly 60 days ago that I had the second of two hip replacements. It has been five years since my surgery and my hips are 100% OK. No pain, no limping, and I can walk for distance without stopping or pain. All of this has been possible because of the care & treatment by Dr. Nestor, his assistants (Denise & Geri), and the fine professionals at HSS.