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Jeffrey Gerbert

Stamford, CT
  • Jeffrey Gerbert in the photo 1

I met Dr. Rock Positano after reading a little bit about him and felt that he could help me. I am a runner who ran marathons and was having some toe issues. I had two other options, but they were nothing like Dr. Positano. His personality is unbelievable.

He reminds me of my doctors when I was a young boy. The doctors that my mother used to have us go see were absolutely wonderful very easy to be around. I was never scared going to the doctor and my mom always picked really nice doctors. Dr. Positano, I want to thank you for making me feel so comfortable. You are an unbelievable person and professional. I was unbelievably pleased with you and all your employees. Never felt more comfortable in a doctor's office and being in your office. I can honestly say you are one-of-a-kind you are a blessing in today's day and age. We are hard-pressed to find doctors like you.

Dr. Positano looked at my toe and automatically knew exactly what was wrong and how he can fix me. He gave me a 1st treatment EPAT. It was absolutely fantastic. The technician was absolutely wonderful and I can't be more pleased.

Dr. Positano, thank you thank you thank you!