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Jeffrey Bogino

New York, NY
  • Jeffrey Bogino in the photo 1

After having right ACL reconstruction surgery following a football injury in college 15 years ago, I re-tore my right ACL in 2015. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Allen and during my first appointment I immediately knew why. Dr. Allen was extremely professional, with the confidence of having successfully performed many, many ACL surgeries, and an underlying relaxed demeanor that made me feel comfortable asking questions and exploring my options. At no time did I feel like I was being pressured into a decision, which was very important to me.

On the day of the surgery everything went exactly as planned, including but not limited to the procedure itself. The staff at the hospital was fantastic, and before I knew it I was home beginning my road to full recovery.

To say I was anxious about the rehab process is an understatement. Having gone through ACL reconstruction once before, admittedly 15 years prior to this surgery, my memory of the year-long recovery process was filled with pain and frustration.

Then I met Patrick Vignona at the HSS Sports Rehabilitation Center and quickly learned that the methodology for ACL reconstruction rehabilitation has thankfully come a long way. Patrick was phenomenal at explaining and then implementing an individualized program based on my specific condition that was focused on allowing me to eventually return to my desired level of activity.

Not that the recovery process wasn't painful and frustrating at times. But Patrick and the other physical therapists at the rehabilitation center always kept a positive, encouraging attitude. My progress exceeded even my most optimistic of expectations, and on a weekly basis I was noticing tangible improvement. Fully recovered now, I am back to running, playing golf, and working out as much as I want. Best of all I know that I'll be able to continue doing all the things I love for years to come.

I would strongly recommend anyone with an ACL or other knee injury visit Dr. Allen and Patrick Vignona at HSS.