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Jeff Sutch

Lebanon, NJ
  • Jeff Sutch in the photo 1

Jeff Sutch follows athletes. Literally. As a Director of Cinematography (that’s cameraman to the lay person) Jeff has covered 26 X-Games, not to mention a wide range of other sports events. “I have to be an athlete myself to do what I do.” Jeff will often be on a snowboard or motocross bike, just like the competitors he is shooting…but he has to do it while carrying or wearing cameras.

When his hip started failing, it became harder and harder to keep up. “I muscled through the pain, but when my daughter started asking if I needed help putting my socks on, I knew I had to do something.” Being a perfectionist, that’s how he approached the problem. After doing extensive research with his wife, and seeing 6 different surgeons, Jeff came to David Mayman, MD, orthopedic surgeon at HSS for a hip replacement. “It was scary, but I knew I was at the best place in the world. I didn’t just want to be fixed, I wanted my life back. Dr. Mayman’s confidence was great. They knew what I wanted to do, and they made it their mission to get me back to it.”

Like so many of the patients who come to HSS, Jeff can’t stand the thought of wasting a single day of his life. “Every day I was out, I kept thinking about the shoots other people were getting that should have been mine.” 101 days after his hip replacement, Jeff was back on his motocross bike. Jumping – with Dr. Mayman’s blessing, of course. He believes he may be even better now than he was with his original hip. “When I’m doing jumps on my dirt bike, I feel better than I can remember ever feeling. It sounds sappy, but they talk about the bionic man? With HSS that’s really true.” Does Jeff have any regrets? “I shouldn’t have waited so long to get this done.”