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Jeff Barouch

  • Compound Fracture

After being involved in a rollover automobile accident I suffered a very severe compound fracture of my left leg, with a massive open wound, also in the ankle area. The doctors where I was being treated, while fairly aggressive in their treatment, told me I would need a below the knee amputation. I got a second opinion in Pennsylvania. The Chief of Surgery there referred me to "the doctor that wrote the book on these types of fractures," S. Robert Rozbruch. In spite of a very long commute from Western PA, I managed to visit Dr. Rozbruch's office in NYC, and he gave me hope that they would be able to save my leg. And he and his team of surgeons absolutely did. To even suggest "keep up the great work" would be a mild understatement!

I know it's practically a cliche, but they performed a "modern medical miracle" for me. I now lead a fairly normal life and work out everyday at the local fitness center.

I'm retired, and currently live in Central Alabama.