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Jeanne Meister

New York, NY
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In October, I was on a business trip in Las Vegas, I fell and broke my patella in four places. I traveled back to New York City and the only place I wanted to be treated was Hospital for Special Surgery. I was seen by Dr. Michelle Kew and since I had a non-displaced patella fracture, I did not require surgery. Dr. Kew recommended physical therapy and the day after seeing her (October 26, 2023), I have been coming to HSS physical therapy twice a week! .

Today, February 22, 2024, I graduated from my physical therapy sessions. I now plan to enroll in strength training to improve my balance, strength and flexibility. My physical therapist, Daniel Supple, is exceptional. He is very knowledgeable, patient and pushed me to be a believer that exercise was now my longevity drug. I went back to my Pilates class on Sunday, February 18, 2024 and I was fine! Thank you to the entire team at HSS!