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Jean McCarron

Tappan, NY
  • Jean McCarron in the photo 1
  • Jean McCarron in the photo 2

Having osteoarthritis, I cannot put into words the emotional component tied into the successful result of having total hip replacement May 4, 2010. I have been treated at HSS since 2001 when Dr. Frank Cammisa performed an IDETA procedure on my spine, with very good results in managing my pain. Shortly after that, Dr. Vijay Vad treated my spinal pain with Radiofrequency denervation. Again, successfully. Because of increased hip pain around 2004 Dr. Vad referred me to Dr. Coleman who performed hip labrum removal, successfully. Dr. Coleman in 2007, found that I required elbow tendon surgery. Also, successful. My hip pain was treated again by Dr. Vijay Vad who injected my right hip periodically to control severe pain. Then in May 2010 my right hip was replaced by Dr. Paul Pellicci. After, THR, I was able to return to my job on June 9. I cannot believe the relief I feel after having so much pain in my right hip. In fact, my spine is not in as much pain as I am usually accustomed to. This is a LIFE changing result. It is with sincere appreciation that I am forwarding this information. The HSS staff, from surgery to the PACU is so devoted that I will never forget them. PT Rebeccah, Kristy, Svetlana and all of the staff in recovery. Dr. Pellicci I am walking, walking and walking. Thank you. and Tess. Dr. Vad, Dr. Coleman's office staff. When I was in severe pain you helped me more than I can say.