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Jayden Cassese

Eastchester, NY
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My name is Jayden Cassese and I'm a 12 year old baseball player for the TYA Tigers. In the first pre-season tournament for our big 12U season, I collided with the shortstop sliding into second base and broke off the end of the elbow bone in my left arm. This was the big year for Little League and we had the famous Cooperstown Tournament coming up in July, playing against 100 teams from around the country. I was devastated at the idea of missing that after years of building up to it.

Luckily for us, we knew friends of Dr. Green, and a fellow surgeon at HSS, and both of them strongly recommended we use Dr. Green to repair the elbow. 2 days later I was getting operated on at HSS in Manhattan, and the entire process was handled very well by Dr. Green and his entire staff. After putting 2 pins in my elbow and allowing it several months to heal, while doing PT at HSS along the way, I was able to get back on the field just in time for my big tournament. I came back stronger than ever and hit 2 home runs in one game my first weekend back, then 3 home runs the next week while at Cooperstown! Thank you Dr. Green and team for helping me make it to Cooperstown and beyond.