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Jason Santoriello

Shoreham, NY
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This was the beginning of my recruiting year for ice hockey and I discovered that my shot was getting weaker and weaker. I had sustained two shoulder injuries (separation and dislocation) back-to-back a few years prior and had spent about three months in an immobilizer, but my shoulder was starting to hurt. I went back to physical therapy and my therapist mentioned that he felt something in my shoulder that wasn't right. I went back to my orthopedist who took another MRI and told me I had a very unusual issue that would require a specialist. Apparently my bone grew under my arm and my muscle attached itself there -- that's why I was having trouble moving my arm.

Fortunately I ended up being able to see Dr. Dines who had me in surgery within two weeks. Apparently not only did my bone grow/heal incorrectly, but I had a full labrum tear and scar tissue from the previous injuries. Dr. Dines performed a scope and a reconstruction on my shoulder. He repaired my labrum, cleaned out the scar tissue, relocated the bone and reattached my muscle. I have a screw and anchors holding it all together!

I was prepared for a six month recovery -- just in time to get back on the ice in order to play my 18U recruiting year. Here I am, less than three months post-op, and have already been cleared to start skating and stick handling, with the possibility of full contact in January -- a full two months before I had anticipated getting back to the game. This additional time gives me a huge advantage to get my game back up to speed prior to recruiting time. Dr. Dines, his staff and HSS did an amazing job and were responsive to any questions my parents and I had, and the surgery went very smoothly. This has enabled me to feel more confident in my ability to play college hockey. Thank you Dr. Dines!