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Janis Hrobuchak

Dalton, PA
  • Janis Hrobuchak in the photo 1

I happened to see The View last year when Dr. Vad was appearing. At that time I wrote down his name and new book, since my 25 yr. old daughter has scoliosis as well as a ruptured disc. His advice about the cutting edge alternatives to surgery made so much sense. I bought the book for her and sent it to her FL address. Then, since I was 60 and had been doing reflexology, chiropractic visits for my ailing back and hip, I ordered all of his books too. At that time my left hip started to really hurt. After having an MRI in Scranton, PA for my lumbar spine, I was diagnosed by a sports med. Dr. in Scranton with 4-5 degree spinal stenosis! However, my reflexologist kept picking up my hip not back. So I decided at that point in Dec. 2010, to see Dr. Vijay Vad for a 2nd opinion. He nailed it! The 3D MRI also concurred that it was a torn labrum cartilage. After 2 visits to him and 2 cortisone injections, I still was not able to walk more than 1/4 of a block, which for me being active, a former NY marathon runner, hiking in the Swiss Alps, as well as weight training, I became really depressed. I also took all the right supplements to no avail. I even changed my residency to West Palm Beach, FL, thinking that the weather and healing water would help. It didn't. I scheduled a lavage and injection to my hip @ your hospital as an outpatient with Dr. Vad. The labrum was healed however the Xray showed early arthritis. I had another appt. with Dr. Vad yesterday, he gave me another fluid lubricating injection for my hip, then drained 20 cc. of fluid from my bakers cyst also behind my left knee. He looked at the MRI of my back and since I do have spinal problems, advised me to go back home to PA and have my chiropractor adjust me. It worked! I feel so much better knowing that there are alternatives to serious surgery that I can do to keep my stenosis at the level it is now. I will need an epidural block to be able to work on my core with planks and other therapy exercises. I am so amazed by Dr. Vad's techniques and personable manner, I will use him forever! Thank you Dr. Vad and The HSS for being the best of the BEST of the BEST!