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Janet Totten

Ringoes, NJ
  • Janet Totten in the photo 1


I am a Registered Nurse and also run our family farm which is 148 acres where we board horses and harvest a hay crop every summer. I am 57 years old and very active. I work full time as a nurse working in Trenton, New Jersey as an Administrative Coordinator and needless to say the work on the farm is full time 7 days a week.

I began having hip pain last summer while working out at a studio, Orange Theory Fitness. I had no idea why I was having this pain, attempted to work out more which was not the answer! My brother-in-law had knee surgery by Dr. Ast and our family firmly believe Dr. Ast and HSS saved his life. I made an appointment to see Dr. Ast and was diagnosed with severe right hip arthritis. I scheduled my surgery for January 2, 2020 for a couple of reasons. One, it is a slower time at the farm and I hoped that I would be rehabbed by the time spring came. Two, minimal people take off during the winter months at the hospital and I felt it would be easier to cover my time during January.

The day of my surgery I was a little nervous (nurses do not make the best patients). I was taken to the OR promptly and within 2 hours I was in recovery talking to my sister and was PAIN-FREE. To this day I remain pain-free. 3 days after surgery I was out shopping, walking with just a cane. Within the first week I was walking a mile and within the first 4 weeks I was back at the farm working with horses (not riding, not allowed for 3 months), but I was back mucking stalls and also going to the gym. I am 5 weeks post-op and have absolutely no issues, I am 2 weeks from returning to my job and could not be happier!

I see HSS commercials all the time but I haven't seen one with a nurse who runs a horse farm (of which I run all the equipment, fix most of it, and handle the day to day decisions). I can't say enough about HSS, the nurses, staff, and Dr. Ast. I have told many friends and although I hope to not need any further joint replacements, I know where I will go if I do.

I would love to share my story, and our farm, with those who may be apprehensive to joint replacement.