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Janet Schneider

Monroe Township, NJ
  • Janet Schneider in the photo 1

On December 7, 2010, Dr. James Farmer performed spinal fusion surgery on L4/L5 of my lower spine. He was able to use my own bone that he had removed as the extra bone for the fusion. My surgery was successful and I am totally healed. I can never thank Dr. Farmer and the fine staff at HSS enough for giving me back my life! I couldn't have found a more compassionate, caring and excellent surgeon anywhere. I had received such raving reviews from two of my own doctors (endocrinologist & optician) which left me no doubt that I would be going to an A #1 top-notch surgeon and hospital. From the moment I met Dr. Farmer, I was put at ease and just knew he'd do a great job. I had 100% confidence in him from the start.