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Janet Hubert

Montclair, NJ
  • Janet Hubert in the photo 1
  • Janet Hubert in the photo 2

After 11 years, 47 doctors, declared disabled I went to see Dr. Lebl. I had some of the most mysterious symptoms anyone had ever seen. One neurologist said it was in my head well most of it was in my neck. Every disc as one point was herniated, everything was collapsing. I could not sit for long, stand for long and pain was my middle name. Multiple medications, wrong diagnosis, chronic migraines, I could not drive anymore, I could not walk backwards, I would fall over in my yard. I was a prisoner in my own body.

I could not tell anyone being a public figure, my insurance would not even pay for pain treatments anymore in my neck. I sued them, Dr. Lebl did my surgery on the worst disc last year 2 days after Christmas when I woke up it was like something had turned off in my body. The tremors had almost ceased. I had my second surgery just 2 weeks ago with Dr. Lebl again...I am able to do more than ever. I will dance again. I lost my ability to sing after the cervical fusion but after one year and retraining my voice I can sing again. Praise God for HSS. I am planning to do my one woman show in the spring, it is going well. I have not been able to do it over any period of time due to my illnesses. Just to have some sense of consistency is something we really take for granted. It is not the big things that make life worth living. It is the small things we take for granted, just being able to drive is huge for me, it means independence, freedom, and a sense of self. I don't need to be who I was...I just need to be who I am now. If you have your health you have it all. Thank you HSS I am a fan!