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Janelle Hill

Darien, CT

Although 5 orthopedic surgeons told me I needed a full knee replacement, I hesitated. I didn't have too much pain (following a cortizone shot) & was still very active (tennis 5 days a week!). Dr. Waddell spent a lot of time with me, answering my questions, giving me multiple options to consider, even recommending other surgeons at HSS who could provide an alternative approach. Finally I listed all the small compromises I'd been making; it was a long list, although individually, they weren't significant. But at 60 years old & very active, I realized that I don't want to compromise. I want to fully enjoy all my activity! Tennis, walking, travel, hiking, dog walking, yoga, weight training. Dr. Waddell recommended partial knee replacement. The surgery exceeded my expectations, straightening my bowed leg almost 100% & with very little pain. I am very impressed with Dr. Waddell's focus on the unique needs of his patient, his participation in the latest research & medical advancements and a great bedside manner. His attention to details and genuine care for his patients (treating his patients as he would a family member) distinguishes him from all the other surgeons I'd seen.

My entire treatment - from initial x-rays and MRIs to the anesthesia, surgery and hospital stay - was excellent. The small HSS facility in Stamford means patients get a high degree of personalized attention and care. Every nurse, technician, cleaning staff and PT was terrific! I'm almost 3 weeks out since surgery and doing great! Already I can walk a mile, am doing PT and getting back to yoga!