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Jane Selfe

Birmingham, AL
  • Jane Selfe in the photo 1
  • Jane Selfe in the photo 2

In 2009 I developed terrible hip pain. I was locally diagnosed with a stress fracture of the right hip and was told to stop ALL athletic activity. I hated this because I was becoming increasingly active in the competitive ballroom dance world and the last thing I wanted to hear was STOP.

Stopping didn’t get better. It got worse so I started to do some research and a couple of New York dance friends told me to see Dr. Padgett, which I did. He explained that I had osteoarthritis which wasn’t hard to believe because I looked at my x-rays and could clearly see the problem.

Dr. Padgett replaced my hip and the result was terrific. I rehabbed the way he told me; following instructions to the letter and within a year and a half, 2011, I was a United States Senior Ballroom Champion in 2 styles.

Can't ask for anything better than that. Thank you, Dr. Padgett.

Jane Selfe, January 2018

PS — A few years later he repaired a torn meniscus in my right knee. I was in and out in a few hours and never missed a beat.

My suggestion: Run if you can — don't walk — directly to Dr. Padgett and get your life back!