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Jane Lee

Pleasantville, NY
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I tore my ACL skiing at Killington, VT in February of 1997. At the age of 29, the doctors all asked the same question - What level of activity was I planning on going forward? Based on my age, maybe I'd be better off using PT and strengthening my leg, live life without an ACL or go through reconstructive surgery with many months of PT. I chose reconstruction because I didn't want to be restricted in my activity or constantly worry about reinjury. I had enjoyed running, skiing and even participated in a triathlon. I had the surgery, was out of work for a few months and did 9 months of PT - every other day for 2 hrs at a time. I have had two kids since then, but that was by far, the more painful memory. But I got back to skiing, soccer, running - it was great.

Fast forward 20 years later: I tore my ACL skiing at Killington, VT in February of 2017. This time, in front of my teenage kids. But I had a new option not previously available - an ACL repair. I was a good candidate and hoped Dr. DiFelice could do the repair. I had the operation - it was an outpatient procedure vs. a hospital stay like the last time. I was up and walking with a brace the next day. Very little pain.

In fact, you can see in my 1 week visit pic my knee had vary little swelling. I was able to lift my leg with no brace. Less than a month after surgery, I flew across the country and went on 6 college tours with my son. I was soon walking, running and skiing again.

I want to thank Dr. DiFelice for doing the procedure. It's been 3 years and I get to do all the things I want to (even at age 52).