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Jane Gill

Sagaponack, NY
  • Jane Gill in the photo 1

In the spring after an x-ray showed severe osteoarthritis in my left hip, a total hip replacement was the only solution. After meeting with numerous highly regarded doctors, I decided to schedule the procedure with Dr. Elizabeth Gausden. I have been a competitive athlete throughout my life but then in 2017 I was diagnosed with serious cancer and went through chemotherapy and radiation until July 2018 when I decided to discontinue the chemo and receive care and guidance from an integrative doctor. The combination of sports injuries and radiation near my pelvic area appeared to accelerate the loss of cartilage and I was finally bone on bone. When I met with Dr. Gausden, she walked me through the procedure explaining everything to me and gave me a level of comfort that I was looking for. Today I am almost 5 weeks out and for the first time in years I am basically pain-free. When I had my follow up visit with Dr. Gausden I actually asked her if in fact she put a new hip in my body because I certainly don’t feel anything! I highly recommend Dr. Gausden if you are considering having a hip replacement. I did go in the ocean this morning and am feeling like my old self again!