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Jane Egan

West Orange, NJ
  • Jane Egan in the photo 1

Before meeting with Dr. Allan Inglis for my consultation I had suffered for 5 years with significant pain from the osteoarthritis in my right hip. The pain in the last year became so intolerable I increased the amount of Aleve I was taking to the point of having a severe allergic reaction breaking out in blisters on my hands! (Part of my denial that I really needed a total hip replacement!). It was finally time to face my fears and have a consultation with Dr. Inglis. I can say from my first phone call to set up the consultation I experienced the best, most professional and compassionate treatment I've ever had. My positive experience began with my initial conversation with Maria Zaldana, Dr. Inglis's office manager. I was so nervous to make the appointment and somehow she put me at ease and made me feel comfortable. I knew with that first call I was going to be in good hands. My consultation with Dr. Inglis was superb. He took the time to address all my concerns and answer all of our questions. Yes, my daughter joined me for the consultation and Dr. Inglis spent time answering questions we both posed; he didn't rush us, rather he helped make us both comfortable with the need for a total hip replacement. He showed compassion which surprised me because I knew he was one of the best orthopedic surgeons in the country (that's probably true even on a global basis!) He brought us back to his office manager, Maria, who scheduled my surgery date and all of the pre-op testing that was required. Somehow, as we were scheduling the scariest appointment I have ever had to make, Maria had us laughing.

Everyone I came in contact with at the Hospital for Special Surgery was amazing. Each and every person was totally professional, knowledgeable, respectful and compassionate. I could not have had a better experience and each and every staff member had something to do with that.

The morning after surgery, Dr. Inglis came in to check on me and asked me how I was feeling. I was in total amazement as I told him I no longer was in the excruciating pain which had become a constant part of my life. The pain from the surgery was negligible compared to the pain I had become accustomed to. Dr. Inglis simply smiled at me; it was a very kind smile and the look in his eyes said it all "that was the plan ... take away your pain so you can enjoy your life the way you should!".

I honestly feel like Dr. Inglis performed a miracle on me. Early in my second week following the operation my swelling was almost gone, my walking was getting better and better and best of all, I remained pain free! I was walking without my cane on my 8th day following my surgery. The video attached is me on day number 8! (Today, 4 weeks later I am walking perfectly normally with no cane!!!)

I have since emailed my miraculous walking video to Maria and asked her to thank Dr. Inglis for the miracle he performed on me. I told Maria in my book they made miracles come true; Maria for helping me feel comfortable and miraculously removing the fear that was almost overpowering to me; and Dr. Inglis for removing the pain I thought would never leave me.

I would recommend Dr. Inglis (and of course Maria) to anyone who is needs a hip replacement. My recommendation would be given with 100% confidence that I was directing someone else to the best doctor ever.

I am now walking close to an hour a day and remain pain free. It's a brand new, beautiful life! I went back for my one month follow-up appointment just the other day. It went very well and it made me feel really good to see how pleased Dr. Inglis and Maria were with my progress. I was ecstatic and could not express enough gratitude for the magic Dr. Inglis performed ... They seemed to be just as happy as I was and that was, well, it was just nice! :)