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Jamison Stern

New York, NY
  • Jamison Stern in the photo 1

Today I feel like the luckiest guy in New York City. I am a successful stage and film actor, born and raised in NYC. I broke my right foot (5th metatarsal) last summer while working. Needless to say, it's a terrifying experience for anyone, let alone for someone who makes their living running around and dancing on stage. I saw a few very well known doctors in NY who all recommended surgery. I was afraid that cutting into my foot and adding metal would forever affect my ability to work. I took one last chance and went to see Dr. Rock Positano at HSS. He looked at my x-rays and sat down and looked me straight in the eye and said, "You need to trust me and give me some time and we will heal your foot with NO surgery." I decided to trust him that day, and thank goodness I did. It took time, a fair amount of patience and a little work on my part but my foot is as good as new. When Dr. Positano showed me my fully healed x-ray the other day, it took all I had not to cry and hug him and go running around the office showing it to everyone. I felt like I had made a human grow in foot LOL! And, I guess in a way, that's what we did. We made bone grow!! When I think that I almost let more than one doctor cut me open and add pieces of metal, I cringe. I urge anyone reading this to trust, listen, be patient with, and maybe occasionally embrace their doctors at HSS. Dr. Positano is my hero and I want you to know that YOUR HSS doctor will be your hero too!!