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New York, NY

I have to say that I am able to type this review because of Dr. Lee. He is an amazing, skilled, professional and caring doctor. I had gone through a terrible kitchen incident about six months ago, and after rushing to the ER, was told that I had most likely severed the tendons in my finger, and was referred to Dr. Lee at HSS. The incident happened on a holiday, and so the following day, when his office was open, I called first thing in the morning, and was immediately squeezed in as a last minute same day emergency appointment. When I went into the exam room, he did a thorough exam, and determined that the ER had correctly diagnosed that I had indeed severed at least one of my two flexor tendons (which are what allow you to bend your finger), and that there could possibly be damage to the second tendon. Surgery would be my only option if I ever wanted function back in that finger. He was so kind about the whole thing, which was quite traumatic on my end, didn't make promises he couldn't keep, and was quite upfront about surgery options and results. He squeezed me into surgery a few days later (even though he already had a full load), bc with this type of injury, surgery is needed as soon as possible. Well, now, six months later, after such an amazing surgeon, many follow ups post up to continually check on my progress, and lots of physical therapy, I am back to having a functioning finger. Dr. Lee is the absolute best hand surgeon, and I know that I would not have had such great results without him! I am so grateful to have found him!!!!!!! Thank you Dr. Lee!!!!!