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James Vignapiano

Brooklyn, NY
  • James Vignapiano in the photo 1
  • James Vignapiano in the photo 2

Great experience start to finish! Dr. Gausden is a rock star. She changed my life for the better. The care I received at HSS was phenomenal. As soon as I left recovery I was up & about with a walker, I had PT the next morning & only used a walker for two days after I returned home. I’ve been walking unassisted ever since. PT started the very next day at home, which lasted for two weeks. From there, I then started going twice per week to Jag One, and it’s been 4 weeks. I had my follow-up with Dr Gausden last week. She was extremely pleased with my progress as am I. I will be going back in 2023 to do my other knee. That’s how confident I am with both my surgeon & HSS. You have to make a serious commitment to PT for this to work, that’s the key. You have to do the work in order to make this go smoothly. I couldn’t be happier to walk again without pain. PT isn’t easy, but it’s so rewarding, it inspires you to succeed.