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James Tabano

Glen Rock, NJ

After a number of knee examinations, there was a consistent diagnosis: lots of wear and tear, arthritis, and loss of cartilage. Each orthopedist suggested knee replacement surgery. After my wife underwent a rather intensive hip replacement, entirely due to a chronic pigeon toed gait, I witnessed firsthand Dr. DiFelice's expertise. Not only was he thorough and assured, but he was as meticulous in his post-operative explanation as he was in the surgery. Seeing this I thought he should look at my knee. He did and he suggested a regiment of gel shots as the first course of intervention. After three injections I tested the effects by walking 200 miles of the Camino de Santiago in Spain over the course of 21 days. This hike included some challenging mountainous terrain. Long story (and hike) short, I didn't experience even the slightest knee discomfort. I was optimistic but still very surprised to the effectiveness of the treatment. When the time comes (as with most degenerative joint conditions) I am POSITIVE Dr. DiFelice will do the partial knee replacement procedure.