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James Sutera

Staten Island, NY
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In Nov. 1991, I was brought to HSS after being hit by a drunk driver. My kneecap was ruptured and in many pieces. I was reconstructed by Dr. David Helfet in what turned out to be a 7 hr 38 min reconstructive surgery. I had 3 screws and 2 sets of surgical wire as well as a “partial patellectomy” to repair my right kneecap.

My ankle on the same leg (rt.) was completely inverted & required 2 screws to be inserted in order to repair it. The second operation Dr. Helfet performed was over 3 hrs in length, which entailed the removal of one screw & the figure “8” configuration of surgical wire holding my rt. patella together. Both procedures were 100% successful!!!

Dr. Russell Windsor had performed subsequent arthroscopies, which totaled “5” in almost as many years.

I owe these two outstanding doctors my 100% return to an absolutely normal life, which included an ability to continue playing golf regularly, boating, walking and in time running. I was able to go on to become Certified Shorthand reporter and eventually started my own Court Stenography firm, which I ran successfully from 1993-2003, handling depositions from Auto accidents, slip & fall cases as well divorce & construction site cases involving personal injuries for the private legal sector. Many years of dedicated physical therapy and a determination to improve to full mobility has allowed me to live a full and active life. My first surgery was at the age of 24, I am currently approaching 53 & after having my most current MRI in early October 2019, ALL my knee hardware is still fully in tact. I owe all of this to the marvelous skills performed on me by my hero; Dr. David Helfet who saved my leg and life.

I could NEVER repay him or the staff at HSS for the devout care & compassion they showed me nearly 28 years ago. I tell most people my story who find it almost impossible to believe, but this is all documented and I am living proof that HSS is surely the BEST in the world in Traumatic Orthopedic care & turning my little life around and giving it back to me at such a young age!

I am beyond grateful and could never express in words what they did for me.

I LOVE YOU ALL @ HSS, you gave me back my life and I feel forever in your debt, because I am. ❤️❤️


James E. Sutera