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James Dolinger

Staten Island, NY
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I came to Hospital for Special Surgery after unsuccessful spinal laminectomy surgery in another hospital. Pain was nonstop across my lower back emanating down my right leg into the foot and toes. Constant pain whether I was standing, walking or at rest. I couldn't continue my passion for painting as I was unable to remain seated for any length of time. The pain made it difficult to even keep my hands steady. A friend told me of their success at HSS and suggested I make an appointment. After reaching out to the office of Dr. Sariah Khormaee, I spoke with her office manager, Ms. Tiffany Sanchez. Her pleasant demeanor, knowledge and ability to schedule me for an expedited appointment gave me confidence immediately that I was making the right choice. My first appointment with Dr. Khormaee served to prove I was in the hands of a capable and competent surgeon. She took the time with me to review my x-rays and other written reports. My options for surgery were explained in a clear and concise language that you didn't need to be a medical professional to understand. Correcting my problem would require surgery whereby a fusion technique would be used at the base of my spine. The day of the procedure surgery was performed in the morning. Before dinner that evening a physical therapist came to assist me with a short walk around the unit I was in. The next day I was able to walk even further and successfully mastered the portable staircase. Unbelievable! Within 24 hours I was not only on my feet but, I had mastered the staircase. The pain radiating down my leg? GONE! Now of course there has been rehab with physical therapy to rebuild my core strength. I am beyond pleased with the results! Back in the Game? No, it's more than that. Thank you Dr. Khormaee, Ms. Sanchez, patient care techs, nurses and all of the ancillary staff who helped to get me Back in the Game. You gave me back my passion without constant pain. You gave me back my life!