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James DeLuccia

Little Falls, NJ

I am a 58 year old retired Police Officer and for my entire life i have been active in sports. I have played golf since I was 5 and played tennis. While I was a Police Officer and after I retired I ran 5 marathons including 2 in NYC. Two years ago I started experiencing pain in my right knee causing me to stop jogging and limit all activities. Last year it became difficult to go up and down stairs and began using a tablemaker anything available to assist me in rising from sitting. I called Dr. Mayman and scheduled an appointment at which time I was told I needed a TKR. The procedure was done on the 25th of March 2010 and was an absolute success. I was walking the same day and have totally resumed all my activities including golf. I played in a Pro-Am golf tournament 10 weeks after surgery. Present day I am without any soreness, stiffness what so ever. The entire staff at Dr. Mayman's office, from the start to finish staffing at the HSS were the top of their field and I cannot ever thank them enough. I would without hesitation recommend my Doctor, HSS and the procedure to anyone having similar difficulties.