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James Critchlaw

Lake Hopatcong, NJ
  • James Critchlaw in the photo 1
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My tibia/fibula were broken in every type of fracture resulting from a motorcycle accident. My local doctors warned me that I "might walk again, but after many years of therapy." After 8 months of crutches (non-weight-bearing), no healing showing in any x-rays, I was finally disgusted with doctor's answers and took my folder and left in search of better treatment.

Dana's mother (an RN) referred me to HSS, telling me that that's where all the doctors go when they need anything done, so give it a try. To my amazement, Dr. Fragomen's office was able to see me two days later. Honestly, I consider this first meeting a life changing event. Later on that year, we were on a positive path with healing and new bone growth. All scheduled surgeries went exactly as planned and provided the exact result that we had discussed. Only a few months after the second procedure, I broke the news to Dr. Fragomen that I had already purchased my airfare for a trip we had been planning to ski volcano's and glaciers in Chile. Dr. Fragomen did not bat an eye - just changed his long-term plan so that the rod in my tibia would stay until after I returned, as to provide some extra support 5 years later, there is no pain, and no limitations; only a few scars which serve as a gentle reminder.

Attached are some personal hobbies that are still possible due to the care I received at HSS. A picture of breaking my personal best Deadlift weight - at 500 lbs. this picture was taken 2.5-3 years after the final procedure we have recently started wake surfing, in addition to skiing, mountain biking, hiking.. etc.. if it were not for the Hospital for Special Surgery, my life would be very different today!