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Jake Poskitt

Lagrangeville, NY

My name is Jake and I am 12 years old. Even though I was born with Cerebral Palsy I love to play baseball, basketball, soccer, swimming, and my clarinet. I always walked on my toes and when I was 11-years-old my toes started to turn in. That's when my parents brought me to HSS. They found Dr. Scher who not only is an expert with kids with CP but also an expert on foot problems.

He is the best doctor ever! I knew when I met him that he would fix me right up! And he did. All of the people here at HSS helped me to feel better and be brave even though I was nervous about having surgery. I had the best nurse after surgery, Richard. He did everything he could to help me feel better and happier. Then I had PT here with Bridgett who was also the best! It's now 3 months later and I am doing great! Thank you to everyone here at HSS to help me get back in the game!