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Jake Gershen

Yorktown Heights, NY
  • Jake Gershen in the photo 1

On December 10th, 2020 I suffered a complete tear of the ACL in my left knee. I also tore my meniscus. Upon examination, some other damage to my meniscus was discovered as well. After seeing another orthopedic surgeon, I decided to get a second opinion from Dr. DiFelice. Dr. DiFelice was very thorough in examination as well as with his explanation, and inspired much confidence. Surgery was scheduled. On December 31st, 2020, New Year's Eve, I underwent surgery to repair my ACL, medial, and lateral meniscus. From the get go, my recovery was surprisingly smooth, and rapid. I took physical therapy very seriously and pushed myself to do more, and do better, at each appointment. My rate of recovery was astounding, to myself as well as the therapists whose care I was under. Recovery required effort on my part, that is without question. However, my rate of recovery, and the relative lack of pain that I had to endure during my therapy, can only be a testament to the work performed, and the methods employed by Dr. DiFelice and his team. From the day of surgery to today, Dr. DiFelice and his team have been nothing but professional, receptive, and informative in guiding me through my recovery and back to health. Today is April 27th, 2021. I have just been cleared to return to full duty - I am a Lieutenant with the FDNY. The fact that I have made a full recovery in only 4 months, to me, is amazing. My knee is stable, my muscles are strong, and I am once again whole. I cannot thank Dr. DiFelice and his team enough. Their bedside manner, professionalism, and medical treatment are second to none and I have the utmost gratitude for them getting me back to where I am today.