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Jake Biondolillo

Hackettstown, NJ
  • Jake Biondolillo in the photo 1
  • Jake Biondolillo in the photo 2

Hello, my name is Jake, and I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia when I was 15 months old. Since mine was not caught at birth, I required a couple surgeries to try and correct. I was in body casts both times, but was always determined to move. I army crawled around to gain mobility during both surgeries, so I could get to my toys and move around. I am now 10 years old and doing great. I thank Dr. Widmann so much for ensuring my mobility and never having to give up the things I enjoy most. As you can see from my picture, I enjoy skiing and this wouldn't be possible without the success of my procedures. I just came back from a trip to Hawaii where I hiked Diamond Head! I continue with my check ups and have faith in HSS to keep me in the game!

- Jake