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Jacqueline Rossi

Horseheads, NY

After several years of cortisone and Synvisc shots, I finally went locally to two surgeons to discuss a full knee replacement. In these visits I was turned away, which made me feel very discouraged. I then reached out to our corporate medical doctor who suggested that I see the best orthopedic doctor in the country and that is when I found Dr. Danyal Nawabi! My very fist consultation with him I knew I was in the right place. He was very optimistic and ensured me he could fix this ongoing problem that was affecting my quality of life. He explained in detail why I was in so much pain and told he me that he could fix it! I never thought I would hear those words after being turned down previously. I immediately scheduled my full knee replacement surgery which took place 3 months after my first consultation. The surgery went well and I woke up feeling relieved of all pain. I am now 6 months post operation and feel like a new woman! Every visit with Dr. Nawabi he ensures me that I made the right decision and he extended my life. I am forever grateful. Thank you Dr. Danyal Nawabi!