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Ja'Cole Kelliehan

New York, NY
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You have to know a small part of my history in order to fully understand my genuine respect, love and appreciation for Dr. Sebastian Sattui-Cortes. I started going to HSS around 2014-2015 after I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2010 at another medical institution, where I was not satisfied with the care I received. This led to a series of medical events that resulted with me having a middle cerebral artery stroke (MCA) in 2012. My aunt, who goes to HSS for orthopedics as well as osteoarthritis, recommended that I try to schedule an appointment at HSS, which was number three in Rheumatology.

My first doctor at HSS, Dr. Sun, was a good doctor and the care I received was definitely up to par, a big improvement over the care at my previous medical facility. I was diagnosed with lupus, which explained a lot of the unexplained medical episodes I had a few years prior. I was starting to get answers for my medical problems, and I was happy. Dr. Sun left HSS around June 2017. I was disappointed because I liked her and the care I was receiving and felt I would not find another doctor I liked. But if WRONG had a face it would be me, because in August 2017 not only did I get a doctor who I liked, I ended up with a "Brother from another Mother" - Dr. Sebastian Sattui-Cortes. Trying to explain my admiration and appreciation for this man leaves me speechless. In every aspect Dr. Sattui is what the mold should be when it comes to being a doctor. I once read an article about seven surprisingly useful skills that good doctors have - and without exaggeration, Dr. Sattui possesses every single skill.

When I first meet a doctor, I give them a hard time because I want to know that when I debate with a doctor they are not going to shut down and let me diagnose myself with Google. This has happened before, but Dr. Sattui can handle a “difficult” patient. He is very clear and concise with communication, we converse about my health, he doesn't TELL me what I am going to do, he asks me what are we going to do, and together we make a plan for the goal we're trying to achieve. Dr. Sattui does not make me guess or wonder when I leave an appointment; I know what the plan is and the next steps to achieve the goal. Dr. Sattui listens to me and advocates for me. He makes sure he is available to coordinate with other healthcare professionals to ensure that my health is optimal. I will not let another doctor do anything to me unless I first confer with Dr. Sattui.

He cares not just about my physical health but my emotional health as well. Dr. Sattui has helped me through the best and worst times of my life, from the death of my father to the birth of my daughter, who I named after him, and when he could not help me any further, he made sure to connect me with people who would help. Social workers Susan Rodriguez, LCSW and Joan Westreich, LCSW have become wonderful additions to my medical team and have set the bar for effective, compassionate care. They have been my confidants when Dr. Sattui is unable or unavailable, which is a rarity. Joan has helped with my mental health and making sure, I am handling major life events while dealing with RA and lupus while Susan has been a listening ear as well. She also helps me navigate hospital matters, whether it is about a hospital bill, helping me find virtual prenatal classes in the middle of Covid, or listening to me vent about my life. She has made me feel that Dr. Sattui is not my only go-to person. Dr. Sattui, Susan and Joan are an amazing medical team. They are my very own super heroes, and without them, my health would not be where it is today.