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Jackie Erdos

New York, NY
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When I first met with Julie Khan in the summer of 2016, I was feeling VERY frustrated. I had recently run the Boston Marathon (in April) and although I completed it, failed to re-qualify for Boston. It was my slowest marathon to date, and 30 minutes off my goal pace. I was hobbling at the end, and many times nearly quit. I had trained through a stubborn Achilles injury as well as plantar fasciitis, and in the process of running the race, also developed an annoying pain in my hamstring. I wasn't planning on doing a fall marathon, but became determined to do so upon not re-qualifying for Boston.

Julie was nothing short of amazing to work with. She is a runner herself (I frequently see her out running in the mornings) and so completely understood how frustrated I felt. While many health professionals have told me I just need to stop doing marathons, Julie took a different approach. I did take some weeks off of running to help my injuries recover, but when Julie felt I was ready, she developed a gradual plan to get back into running along with strengthening and flexibility exercises as well as cross-training. Over the next few months, we both agreed I was feeling better, and so could attempt beginning to train for the Philadelphia marathon, on a new training schedule. In the past, I have followed a general training schedule, running anywhere from 4-6 days per week, totally neglecting strength training, rest and cross-training. I committed to doing my Achilles exercises everyday, and strength training 1-2 days per week, and each week Julie helped me decide how much mileage to attempt, this time using a 3 day running schedule.

Just like most marathoners, I did have some aches and pains along the way, but Julie helped me learn the benefits of listening to my body, and would adjust my running and exercises to match how I was feeling. When a strange pain arose in my forefoot just 6 weeks prior to Philly, Julie suggested I meet with Dr. Goolsby. Dr. Goolsby was so incredible to work with too. She sat down with me and we had an honest discussion about the pain in my foot, and options, considering the race was quickly approaching. She provided me with a number of resources including a list of her favorite massage therapists, best sneaker options for me, and a prescription for orthotics along with an orthotist to see after the race. Dr. Goolsby humored me in listening to ALL of my questions, including which forefoot pads to try on Amazon, and how to cut and adhere them correctly into my shoe! She also communicated all her recommendations to Julie, so everyone was on the same page.

I ran the Philly Marathon on November 20th, finished with my third best time of 3:26, and successfully re-qualified for Boston. I felt so strong throughout the race, and was even smiling in some pictures towards the very end! I was THRILLED!!! I could not have done it without Julie and Dr. Goolsby. They are an exceptional team to work with, and I am so grateful to them!